Monday, August 17, 2015

Financing Aircraft Avionics, Engine and Refurbishing Upgrades

Upgrading your aircraft with fresh paint, new interior, engine overhaul, and/or new avionics is an expensive proposition. Banterra Aircraft Finance (division of Banterra Bank) offers very competitive aircraft financing programs specifically designed for such endeavors.  It is recommended that you first obtain written estimates for desired upgrades from reputable shops and submit them to the bank along with a current aircraft specification sheet listing current airframe and engine times, installed options, etc.  Additionally, obtain a current pay-off from your aircraft lender if you have an outstanding loan.  Banterra Aircraft Finance will review your request, appraise your aircraft as it currently exists and also with requested upgrades. Depending on the equity in the aircraft, Banterra may be able to finance all, or a major portion of the desired upgrades.  There is no cost or obligation for a valuation review of your aircraft.  Banterra Aircraft Finance may be reached at (888) 254-5731 or